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Opening reception of the inaugural Ettinger Projected Poetry and Art Project: “New” World(s) which is a collaboration by Wanlass Artist in Residence Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, media artist Keith Skretch, and ARTS290: Art Outside the Bounds students. The images and text are projected onto the south wall of Herrick Chapel and the reception was outside the Academic Commons, Dec. 7, 2017. Presented by Oxy Arts and CDLA.<br />
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Students conducted research at Special Collections at Occidental College and amassed personal archives from prompts pertaining to personal narratives and images that haunted, challenged and provoked them. Students implemented interrupting the aesthetic of the didactic as a colonial tool of codifying. They also interviewed one another, and the residue of these questions and answers flicker in and out of the imagery. The context of the questions were formed by what roles we play within our family histories, how we absorb information as forms of truth and what does it mean to be an instrument of interruption, remixing, and restructuring narratives and historical and contemporary storytelling. Utilizing found imagery, objects and images from Herrick Chapel, these investigations weave in and out of one another, reminiscent of collage or a palimpsest of multiple interrogations and considerations of the truth.<br />
The Ettinger Projected Poetry and Art Project is a public art project that infuses the written word and images into everyday moments around campus. Presented nightly for several hours during reading days and finals week each semester through spring 2020, the rotating exhibitions will project provocative and intellectual work on frequently viewed spaces on campus, inspiring deep collaborations between the arts and digital sciences and building pathways and partnerships that mirror our increasingly pluralistic world.<br />
The Wanlass Artist in Residence is Occidental’s annual residency program that allows an artist to investigate aspects of their practice and