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Professor Carolyn Brighouse. Dr. Martha Gonzalez presents the first CSP Lecture of the 2016-17 academic year on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016 in Thorne Hall.<br />
Martha Gonzalez was born and raised in East Los Angeles and is a Chicana artivista (artist/activist) and feminist music theorist. Gonzalez earned a PhD in Feminism from the University of Washington Seattle. In addition, Gonzalez holds an undergraduate degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of California Los Angeles. Her academic interest in music has been fueled by her own musicianship as a singer and percussionist for East L.A’s Quetzal for the last 17 years. Quetzal’s album Imaginaries received a Grammy award in 2013. Dr. Gonzalez is currently an Assistant Professor at Scripps College in the Claremont Colleges’ Intercollegiate Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies Department.<br />
(Photo by Marc Campos, Occidental College Photographer)