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(Photo by Don Milici, Freelance)<br />
Esperanza Spalding is Occidental College's 2018 Hume Fellow in the Performing Arts. She performed in Thorne Hall, Friday, February 2, 2018 after instructing a small group of students in a master class.<br />
A four-time Grammy Award-winner, activist, and educator, Esperanza Spalding has, in the past decade of artistic journey, continually married genres, pushed boundaries and created groundbreaking work. Spalding is, as a musician, composer, vocalist and lyricist, expansive, iterative and shape-shifting, open and progressively innovative. A voracious live performer, she is attentive in her studies towards what the process of playing live —whether sharing the stage with Herbie Hancock, Prince, or the LA Philharmonic— presents to the structure of a song. That channeled energy runs through her catalogue of dozens of collaborative and six solo albums.<br />
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(Photo by Don Milici, Freelance)