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Ashkan Mortazavi '17 is looking to impact policymakers through his Undergraduate Research Center project at Oxy, funded by the National Science Foundation. Photographed on Eagle Rock Blvd. on June 29, 2016.<br />
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"Labor market research is something that has always fascinated me. It's the most high-impact way of doing something with what I'm learning about economics."<br />
"The low-wage threshold differs by state, so what Professor Parks is trying to bring into light is that we talk about low-wage threshold on the national level but never on a state level. We not only break down low-wage jobs and earnings by state but further down by gender, race, education, nativity, occupation and more. In this way, policymakers can address specific groups, particularly those employed in low-wage jobs. As someone studying economics and using economic theory, that always fascinated me."<br />
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(Photo by Marc Campos, Occidental College Photographer)