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Opening reception for the senior Studio Art comprehensive exhibit, "Syndicate: A Comprehensive Exhibition" which features the ten studio art majors from the Class of 2020 working in a wide range of media, including sculpture, ceramics, performance art, photography, painting, drawing and a graphic novel. Dec. 5, 2019 at Oxy Arts on York.<br />
Featuring: August Barringer's work, "Effulgence, 2019"; Emma Connelly's work, "Vessels (Vesica Piscis)"; Naomi Field's work, "Flash to Coral Bleaching, 2019"; Tyler Ivy's work, "Take a Break, 2019"; Makayla Keasler's work, "Let Them Be, 2019"; Samantha Moua's work, "Soul Lock: Reclamation of a Diasporic Identity"; Sarah Ruiz's work, "Hear Me/See Me, 2019"; Bryan Suh's work, "I Am Whole, 2019"; Dahlia Theriault's work, "Black Pomegranates, 2019" and Chengtian (Jason) Yu's work, "Untitled, 2019".<br />
(Photo by Marc Campos, Occidental College Photographer)